Resale and Rental Information

Requirements for Resale

  1. Contract needs to be paid in full and account has to be up to date.
  2. Transfer of Ownership form should be filled out, signed and individually notarized by current owners (Sellers) and new owners (Buyers). All signatures should be on the same form.
  3. Original Share Certificate needs to be returned to us. If the original is not available, an Affidavit of Lost Share Certificate should be filled out, signed and notarized. Please refer to FORMS. There is an additional fee for this.
  4. Verification of Membership, filled out and signed by the new owners (Buyers).
  5. Membership cards need to be returned to us in the event the sellers do not keep any other active contract with us.
  6. All above mentioned original paperwork should be mailed to us with a credit card authorization or a cashier's check for US$ 250.00 payable to La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino. No other form of payment is accepted.

Address to mail paperwork

  • La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino
  • Attn: Owners Services Department
  • J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 250
  • Eagle Beach, ARUBA, Dutch Caribbean

Please mail paperwork to us by courier or Express mail. Registered mail may take at least a month before we receive it. Regular mail is not reliable.

Verifying Ownership

If you are looking to buy or to rent, please verify if the offer is legitimate before sending payments to the potential seller and/or renter. Request the owner to authorize us in writing to release pertinent information to you for resale and/or rental purposes by sending us an e-mail or filling out the form: Authorization to release information to third party. Without the written authorization of the owner, unfortunately, we are not able to release any information.

La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino will not intervene in nor will be held responsible for any negotiations and/or money transactions between owners and third parties.

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership takes place within two (2) weeks of receipt of the correct paperwork and payment. Once this is done, your Transfer of Ownership confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail, fax or letter. This is the official document recording you as the new legal owner of the pertinent unit/week and provides you with your contract number and other important information.

Share Certificate

The Share Certificates is issued based on the information received on the Transfer of Ownership request form. Therefore, it is important to write clearly on the Transfer of Ownership form to avoid misinterpretations. Your new Share Certificate takes about two (2) months to process. A scanned copy of your share certificate will be e-mailed to you and the original will be kept safely here for you to pick up personally during your next visit.

Membership card

First-time owners are requested to kindly pass by the Owners Services Department located in the Members Lounge to pick up owner's photo identification card. Our office hours are from Monday through Saturday, 9:15 am - 5:00 pm. Please present a valid government identification (driver's license or passport) to request a membership card. The Owner ID card is issued only once and for only one contract. It is valid year-round to identify you as an owner and entitle you to discounts at La Cabana's bars and restaurants as well as the majority of the stores on property.

Resort Attire

Resort Attire ranges from beachwear and casual to elegant casual, depending on the place and the occasion. We request that shirts and cover-ups be worn over bathing suits in the lobby area and the Members Lounge. For your own safety, footwear is also required. To help maintain the Resort ambiance after sunset, we suggest that gentlemen wear slacks and shirts with collars and ladies wear skirts, dresses or pant suits. Please feel free to look your best while enjoying our dining and Resort facilities.

Resort Access Wristband

As a member you are entitled to year round usage of the Resort facilities, which are limited to the Health Club, Pool, Jacuzzi, pool deck umbrellas and lounge chairs and beach lounge chairs only. Members that are not staying with us are not allowed to use the BBQ grills and/or laundry. All registered guests and/or visiting members must wear a wristband while on property. No exceptions! Please present your valid membership card at the Members Relations Department during office hours and/or at the Front Desk after office hours to request a wristband. Wristbands are issued based on maximum occupancy and only to members listed on the contract. Pool towels are not provided to owners not staying at La Cabana BRC.

Maximum Sleeping Capacity

Each unit has its maximum sleeping capacity. It is not permitted to exceed the maximum sleeping capacity. Please refer to your ABC's of Vacation Ownership for more and detailed information on this important regulation.

Owner's Meeting

The Weekly Owners' Meetings take place every Wednesday at 10:00 am in the Conference Room located on the second floor of the main building of La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club. Owners are treated to a complimentary Continental Breakfast Buffet and can participate in the raffle to win fabulous prizes while being updated on latest developments at the resort and on-island.

Annual General Meeting

Every July / August, owners will receive convocation material with financial information and a proxy to vote on the next year's budget (Maintenance Fee). Owners who have an e-mail address listed with us will receive the convocation material via electronic mail. The General Meeting takes place in September. Invoices for the upcoming maintenance fees are mailed out in October and are due December 15 of that same year. It is imperative that you as an owner make use of your right to vote by sending in your proxy voting form either online or by mail or fax. If you happen to be on property on the day of the meeting, you can register to attend and vote on the same day as well.

Operational Fee

Maintenance Fees are the Operational Fees of the Resort and are due on December 15 of the year prior to usage. For example, the 2015 maintenance fee is due on December 15, 2014. If by November you have not received your bill, please contact our Maintenance Fee Department or visit our website to make sure your payment is sent in on-time. Non-receipt of an invoice is not a valid reason for non-payment. All payments received after the due date automatically incur a late fee of 25%. La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino reserves the right to use any inventory for which maintenance fee payment has not been received. In case we receive your payment late, we cannot guarantee the same unit type and/or location. Maintenance Fees are non-refundable.

Change of Address

Remember to notify the Member Relations Department of your Address Change, telephone number and e-mail address. To continue sending you important correspondence and updates, we need your correct information. Our preferred method of communication is by e-mail.

Members Lounge

The Members Lounge is available to all members of Cooperative Association La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club. It is located on the second floor of the main building and is a place where you can watch TV, read a book, drink a complementary cup of tea or coffee, or play cards, backgammon or draughts. However, we request that you keep the noise level at a minimum as we have offices in the same area, and that you keep the coffee area clean. It is strictly forbidden to eat or sleep in the Members Lounge. The Members Lounge is open from Monday through Saturday, from 9:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Interval International

Should you wish to enroll yourself with the exchange company, Interval International, please contact them directly at 1-800-843-8843 or 305-666-1884, or visit their website
Please advise them of your contract number, unit and week number and specifically inform them that you purchased through a re-sale. Enrollment is at your own discretion.

Our Website To request access to password-restricted areas on our website, please click on "Sign Up Here", fill out your information and submit. Your access will be activated within 2 working days.

Renovation & Construction

La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino has completed its room renovation project for the A, B, C, F and D* units (Thursday and Friday) on August 25, 2011. As was planned, the 16 Ocean Front units were renovated as well. Phase 1, South side,  was completed October 7, 2012 and Phase 2, North side, was completed December 1, 2012. Besides the completion of the 449 unit room renovation project, we also completed the renovation of our main lobby, the breezeways, the retaining wall at the beach side, the roof top and new entrance to Las Ramblas and the South and North Parking Lots. The long awaited Glitz Casino is also in operation since January 2013.And recently the Citro Spa also opened its doors to service all our visitors.

Pending projects include:

Store front replacement of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor units starting April 19, 2015 through the second week in December, 2015. Works will resume again on April 19, 2016 through the second week of September, 2016. Click here for the 2015 schedule and for the 2016 schedule.

Replacement of soft goods in the rooms; including sofa beds, draperies to match the new bedding standard, new color schemes for the furniture in the rooms.

In 2016, the pool renovation project will be revisited by the Board and we will have more specific information on the scope of the work and the scheduled dates.

The renovation projects were managed successfully while operation continued with all services and amenities and a high guest satisfaction was maintained. The intention is to accomplish the same with these pending projects with the cooperation of the owners. Noise & dust during the construction and renovation period can be expected. We apologize for the inconvenience while we upgrade the resort for your enjoyment.