• Posted on: 10/01/2016


The HVAC project is nearing completion of phase I.

Piping connections as well as North Side equipment and skid hoisting to the roof are complete. In the next 2 weeks South Side skid and equipment will be hoisted. And we anticipate the North Side system to be turned on towards the end of November. The South Side system to follow shortly thereafter.

Domestic water tanks are in place and the final process of connecting the pumps is underway.

In November, 2016 we will have to disconnect electricity, water and AC for about 2 to 4 hours throughout the entire resort in order to disconnect the old system and connect the new one to our area's transformer. This is a safety procedure that is required by the local authorities.

We appreciate your patience during this time. While our priority still remains to provide you with a memorable and enjoyable stay, these necessary improvements will guarantee that you will have the very best resort experience for many years to come.


During 2015 and 2016 we have replaced the sofa beds, the side chairs, the curtains, the table lamps and the wall lamp covers, and we have upholstered the dining chairs and stools. This project is nearly 80% complete. A few remaining sofa beds still need to replaced and approximately 100 rooms are pending to receive new curtains that should be installed by the end of November, early December, 2016.

Meanwhile we have successfully finalized the Storefront Replacement project. All our rooms have brand new aluminum window and door frames leading to the balcony with double pane glass that will help maintain the temperature in the room and reduce noise pollution as well. All our rooms have brand new refrigerators.


Although no definite dates will be announced until the Board meeting in early 2017, the Board is considering adding drainage work to be done at the same time as the pool resurfacing in order to lessen the inconvenience for our owners and guests. Please stay posted for more information.