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side view pool ocean2.jpg Room accommodations at La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino afford all the conveniences of home, speaking to ease and comfort. These apartment-style units are spacious, welcoming and practical, perfect for short or long stays. Studios and suites at La Cabana provide so many more amenities than do traditional hotel rooms - and at rates so much lower.

Ground floor patios and upper floor terraces of Saturday and Sunday units look out on the pool area at the heart of the resort; turquoise waters, swaying palms and ivory sands of Eagle Beach; or a scenic coastal panorama. Thursday and Friday units overlook lovely tropical gardens. (See the members section for a description of the four check-in patterns of La Cabana's unique timeshare calendar.) Cooled by refreshing trade winds, they are the perfect areas for reading, daydreaming and conversing, an early morning coffee, a mid-day meal or anytime snack or cocktail. Get up early and be serenaded by the chirping of tropical birds; you will be greeted by warm sunshine all day long, magical sunsets at dusk and twinkling starry skies at night. All our rooms are non-smoking. This restriction also applies to Electronic Cigarettes. It is prohibited to smoke in enclosed public areas as well with the exception of the Bar. Smoking is allowed only on the patio of the unit or in the balcony. Non-compliants will be charged an irreversible penalty of US$ 300.00 to their room bill. The penalty amount is subject to change without prior notice.

Though scores of fine restaurants are just minutes away, it's nice to know you have the option to prepare meals right at home in your brand new kitchen. (To stock up, grocery stores are just a short drive away and the mini-market off the main lobby carries all the basics.) After a fun-filled day of camp, beach and pool, the kids have room to stretch out, watch TV and play games while parents prepare something to eat, relax and work on their vacation schedule. Couples and honeymooners can enjoy undisturbed time together in total privacy and comfort.

All the cheerful and spotless rooms at La Cabana have been recently renovated. Tastefully furnished, thoughtfully designed and fully-equipped, accommodations at La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino offer the latest in gracious resort living.

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August 19, 2013 Oranjestad, Aruba - Since 2000 Associates & Owners of LA CABANA BEACH RESORT AND CASINO joined an elite number of organizations in the world in achieving the highest level of Green Certification "Earth Check".

In attaining Platinum, LA CABANA BEACH RESORT AND CASINO has been recognized for having consistently demonstrated their commitment to host communities and high standards of environmental care, over a period of more than ten years.

Rather than opting for the easier path of simply collecting "green badges", LA CABANA BEACH RESORT AND CASINO chose a more meaningful approach to sustainable tourism. This involved using EarthCheck science-based software and tools to measure the effectiveness of their environmental and CSR practices.

Each day for the past decade, has seen all LA CABANA BEACH RESORT & CASINO members & associates adhere to an internationally recognized standard of Best Practice. They have reported their environmental footprint to EarthCheck annually and permitted independent auditors to verify the credibility of their environmental and social claims.

"This prestigious recognition is a testament of our Associates' commitment to protect our environment and their way of contributing towards sustainability on our beautiful island of Aruba," said Joe Najjar, General Manager of LA CABANA BEACH RESORT AND CASINO.

A number of key indicators such as energy and water consumption, total waste production, and community commitment were measured and benchmarked against their peers. This provided a competitive picture of efficiencies and performance and identified where room for improvement remained.

"There are no short cuts and no ways to buy your way in to the top spot," explained EarthCheck CEO Stewart Moore. "Rather, this took everyone at LA CABANA BEACH RESORT AND CASINO a great deal of hard work and commitment over many, many years to achieve."

"They're well ahead of most governments and industry players globally as a result of their efforts and serve as a leader in the field of sustainable practices. Their operations serve as an excellent example for how to gain buy-in from key stakeholders, achieve an excellent ROI, and increase asset effectiveness over time," Moore concluded.

For economies reliant on travel and tourism, EarthCheck's benchmarking data provides the only historical record of the global environmental impacts of the industry over the past 12 years. More importantly, it rates the effectiveness of industry efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) and conserve natural resources at a project-by-project level.

For travellers the world over, it's good to know there's a credible body keeping track of sustainability claims. The EarthCheck logo represents travel and tourism's efforts to come together and take meaningful steps to address the serious challenges faced by the planet.

EarthCheck is one of the world's largest certifiers of sustainable travel and tourism operators; with more than 1,200 clients in over 65 countries. EarthCheck certification complies with the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) 14064 range of standards for greenhouse gas accounting.

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Environmental responsibility

Be part of the Green Team!

As an EarthCheck certified resort, La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino is one of the environmental leaders on the island.

Here's how you can help:

  • Recycle in your room - Please rinse aluminum cans and glass and place them in blue bins. Please place cardboard next to the blue bins.
  • Save energy - Please turn off lights, TVs and ceiling fans when not in use. (The air conditioners are regulated automatically).
  • Save water - If you would like towels changed, please put them on the floor. If not, please hang them on rack. Please do not let faucets run unnecessarily and report any leaks to ext. 100.
  • Close your doors - Please keep balcony and patio doors closed to prevent warm air from entering the room which can cause dangerous condensation on floors and mildew growing on walls and ceiling.